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16 Apr 14 at 12 am


“I’ve always liked what Thomas More said in Utopia, which is that in Utopia every person is allowed their own lifestyle and religion but no one is allowed to stand on a soapbox and tell others that theirs is right. I thought that was brilliant… Brilliant.”

jude law marry me

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13 Apr 14 at 2 pm

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"You can’t change your situation. The only thing you can change is how you deal with it."

13 Apr 14 at 2 pm

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13 Apr 14 at 2 pm

prostitute in moscow, 1991
peter turnley

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prostitute in moscow, 1991peter turnley
13 Apr 14 at 2 pm

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09 Apr 14 at 9 pm


Cherry Blossoms, 2013Masakazu Ejiri

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